Yippee Yi Yo Ki Yay and I wish it were a joke

Ain't it grand to have the kind of people in Washington we can really count on in an economic crisis?

We have an economic stimulus plan ginned up on Capitol Hill of dubious value to begin with, and then them good ol' boys & girls decide that, along with saving tens of thousands of auto worker jobs by nationalizing GM and handing the UAW free rein to do their thing with the company, the Western Mustang is in dire need of help. To the tune of $700,000,000.


For horses.

What are they going to do, build a gold-plated spa in the mountains where the damn things can relax after a hard day of wandering around, eating, crapping and making little horses?

No, I'm not kidding: http://www.mynorthwest.com/?nid=194&sid=190161&page=0

My thanks goes out to the Democratic Party and its members for helping me not lose faith in Washington. Unfortunately, my faith is in the continuing ability of politicians in Washington to do the stupidest things imaginable for the worst reason possible which is, naturally, because they can.

With a straight face, each one of them tells us that they know best.

Of course they do.


Just stop for a moment and think about what that kind of money could do for some folks who really need it:
  • Extended unemployment benefits for the jobless
  • Medical care for the uninsured (don't get me started on that one)
  • Economic stimuli for small businesses trying to hang on until the economy picks up steam again
  • Educational funding for students unable to afford college
The Left thought George Bush was criminally stupid. This is on a par with "how do you remember to breathe without detailed instructions" stupid.

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