LA Progressive Suggests Fox News Advertiser Boycott

In the interest of not being labeled a fear-monger or fomenting any sort of ill will with those whose sensibilities are to the left of mine (it's funny how disagreeing with the left gets one labeled a fear-monger, when disagreeing with the right is patriotic... *sigh*), I include the below without comment, save my curiosity of where the comments go when they are posted (it's not obvious) and whether my comment will make it to public view.


(I sure hope I can figure out how to activate a link with the blog software. In the meantime, just copy and paste.)

[Edited: August 22, 2009 1319 CDT]
I just went back to the LA Progressive site. So far - a week after my response was 'posted' - there are no responses posted.

Perhaps they received only negative responses and decided none of them were suitable for publication?

tsk, tsk....

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